Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Interview With Mary On Book Country

The wonderful writing community, Book Country, asked me to answer a few questions for their authors on everything from manuscript advice to social media to self-publishing. Read the interview here.

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And this photo, taken from my computer, because she thinks she's a cat, and I'm trying to work...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We Need Your Vote!

Amy Cloughley's author Allen Eskens' debut novel The Life We Bury is up for the Edgar and has received so many great reviews and award nominations. If you haven't picked up a copy, you should!

Real Simple is in the process of trying to choose its next book club book and Allen's book is a close second. We need your help to make Allen's book first choice.

Please visit the Real Simple website by clicking here. It's a simple scroll down to the voting check box to vote for The Life We Bury. As soon as you vote for Allen, you'll see the current results.

To read more about Allen and his book, visit his website by clicking  here.

Thank you for supporting our books!

Great Review for METHOD 15/33

Kimberley's author Shannon Capone Kirk has been receiving rave reviews for her thriller METHOD 15/33 out through Oceanview Publishing. writes:

"Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk has an extraordinary plot as well as an extraordinary character in Lisa Yyland, although we do not know her name until way into this crazy good book.

Told in her own words, Lisa's story could actually happen today and she relates it in every terrifying detail. Lisa is a sixteen year-old pregnant girl who is 'insanely brilliant, angry, vengeful, as well as a borderline sociopath'. She is snatched as she walks home from school, thrown into a van and driven for two days. On the third day she is deposited blindfolded into what she thinks might be a secluded farm house.

What the kidnapper doesn't know is that she is much, much smarter than him. She immediately, upon being locked in a room by herself, inventories items that might help her to escape – she has no intention of allowing this moron to take her baby from her. She welcomes the presence of a knitted red afghan, the handles of a bucket, and other innocuous things that might prove useful.

She meets other individuals she gives her own made-up names to. There's the Obvious Couple who want her baby. Brad is her kidnapper's twin brother. She hears Kitchen People who fix her meals. She has difficulty engaging with others. This doesn't bother her at all. She has nothing to say to anyone anyway.

Her thoughts, as she explains what she hopes to do, will bewilder you at the same time that you realize you're pulling for her. Make sure you have some extra time as you start this unusual and suspenseful novel. It is darn hard to put down. The only thing I wish is that I could meet this intelligent young woman but I am sure she wouldn't want to meet me. Good, good book. Don't miss it."

To read more about Shannon, visit her website by clicking here.

Oceanview Publishing Giveaway

Oceanview Publishing is giving away 100 free copies of Joe Clifford's Lamentation (free shipping included within the Continental U.S.). Their only hope is that you'll promise to write a review on both Goodreads and

To get the specifics on the giveaway, go to Joe's blog by clicking here.

Oceanview Publishing recently bought the second book in the Lamentation Series, THE DECEMBER BOYS, which Joe is more than half way finished with. As his agent, I'm looking forward to this next book in the series.

Joe is a master at crafting setting. Though Jay Porter's world is cold and stark in Lamentation, it's never without hope. The cold New Hampshire winter both hinders and helps Jay in this story of loyalty between brothers.

Be sure to request your free copy of Lamentation. No doubt THE DECEMBER BOYS is going to be equally as riveting as Jay Porter comes across a "kids for cash" scheme in his new job.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Here I am in the South of France, working and still being completely surprised by the strength of the written word... I read A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeline L'Engle when I was a small girl. It was published in 1962 - it changed my life and brought my imagination to new heights, along with a love of the possibilities of science fiction, the future.  Now three new pages have been released, and reading them brought me right back in time - to what I loved about that book.  I especially appreciate the typos, obviously written on a typewriter.  It's still profound - and over many decades I am still brought right back again, into that story.  May you all write for the ages.

Herewith, is the link if you are interested:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Amy and Mary Will Be Taking Pitches At PNWA

If you're looking for a writers conference to attend, PNWA in Seattle is a great one. They offer four days packed with informational panels as well as two days of agent/editor pitching.

Both Amy and myself will be attending and taking pitches, so come say hello if you are there!
Amy Cloughley enjoys literary and upmarket fiction of all types in addition to commercial—including well-researched historical and well-told women's fiction. She also loves a page-turning mystery or suspense with sharp wit and unexpected twists and turns. She has a soft spot for distinctive, strong, contemporary characters set in small towns. Amy always looks for an unexpected story arc, a suitable pace, and a compelling protagonist. She is interested in narrative nonfiction when the plot and characters are immersed in a culture, lifestyle, discipline, or industry. She will also consider a travel or adventure memoir.
Mary C. Moore is primarily seeking adult fantasy and science fiction, historical, romance and literary with hints of magical realism or surrealism. She will also consider YA science fiction and fantasy.